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Randy & Karen Reid - September 2010 - Celebrity Century - Pisa - Vinci - Florence
Our cruise afforded us only one day in the vicinity of Pisa and Florence, so we wanted to enjoy the area but still see the highlights. Having read only positive reviews of Giovanni Sirabella's Sunflower Tours, we engaged him for the day. It was a great decision. When we disembarked, Giovanni was waiting for us. Giovanni was a very conscientious driver and his pristine, silver Mercedes sedan was comfortable. His fluent English is very easy to understand, and he has a benign, friendly personality. One of Giovanni's strongest attributes is his willingness to LISTEN. He was not always in "transmit" mode. When we asked to see highlights in Vinci, along with Pisa and Florence, Giovanni made it happen, and the pace was never frantic. He is knowledgeable about the entire area. He made certain that we were at the Leaning Tower of Pisa when the sunlight was optimal and there were zero crowds. Florence can be overwhelming in its "must-sees". Giovanni first took us to a parking area that overlooks the whole city. From there he pointed out the major attractions ~ the view from 10, 000 feet. Only after we had a mental image of the city did he take us into it. Giovanni's lunch recommendation was a coffee shop near the Florence Cathedral ~ perfect. He kept us moving, but we never felt rushed. And at the end of our wonderful day of sightseeing, he returned us to the ship right on time. Giovanni is a real pro. We hope to use his services again.