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Tim Crowley & girls Nancy, Lisa, Marian Michele: - Chianti Classico wine country

Ciao Giovanni!! We all have very fond memories of the precious time that we spent with you touring bella Tuscany and Cinque Terre in September. The photo of the women under the grapevines is a classic. We will ALL be forever grateful for your kindness and generosity of time and patience that you gave to a group of American tourists. It is truly people like you who make us fall in love with Italy and the Italian people and the Italian way of life, which is why we keep returning to Italy time after time. You are a kind and true gentleman and the utmost professional tour guide. If (when) we return, should the need arise, we hope we will be able to hire you once again, and we will recommend your services without reservation to any of our friends here in America who may be traveling to Tuscany. I wish you wellness, happiness, and riches of all sorts in 2015 and beyond because a man like you deserves it. Good karma we say here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Giovanni!!! Sincerely, Tim Crowley